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Theme: “The future of Dams (in Europe): Prospects and Challenges in a changing Environment”.


The following topics refer to all dams - large and small, reservoirs, levees and flood defenses, tailings.

Topic A: Dam Safety and Risk Management. Social impact and awareness

Topic contents:

dam safety regulations and guidelines
EU integrated approach
risk analysis
advances in dam safety and risk management
operational issues
dam break analysis and consequences
flood impacts
long-term behaviour and risks due to ageing
risks due to electromechanical equipment failure
hydroelectric operation risks
flood routing - river training
emergency action plans and management
recent incidents
environment and social impact / aspects
public awareness
hydrological risks
seismic hazards
measures to prevent risks
operation and maintenance

Topic B: Dams and reservoirs in a climate change perspective

Topic contents:

dams and reservoir planning to address climate change issues
dams and reservoirs in climate change mitigation and adaptation
hydropower and climate change mitigation
climate change impact on water infrastructures
dams and reservoirs adapting to warmer, wetter, drier conditions
identify and manage water issues and impacts on average flow regimes
design and operational considerations of climate change extreme events (floods and droughts)
climate change induced opportunities for storage and hydropower management
climate change assessment effect on investments

Topic C: Successes and problems in implementing the European Water Framework Directive and relevant Guidelines

Topic contents:

legislation, guidelines and specifications for dam design
financing of dam projects
river Basin management plans, water framework directive 2000/60
WFD and its impact on Hydropower operation
environmental flow and peak discharges issues
preservation of ecological continuum, fish passages and ladders
water quality objectives and measures
reservoir quality and ecological issues
assessment and management of dam and reservoirs flood risks and hazards as indicated in flood directive 2007/60
reservoir uses for recreational activities
application of Eurocodes
licence policy
expropriation legislation

Topic D: Managing infrastructure

Topic contents:

dam and reservoir monitoring and maintenance
improving monitoring and re-instrumentation of existing dams
big data management and IoT
technical approaches
ageing Infrastructure
extending the service life of dams and reservoirs
rehabilitation and refurbishment of dams
sedimentation assessment and management
decommissioning of dams

Topic E: Advances in dam engineering

Topic contents:

dam design and specifications
innovative technology, new trends
advances in construction methods and materials
appurtenant structures design and upgrade
technological advances in hydropower
reservoirs and hydro hybrid systems
advances in maintenance, rehabilitation monitoring and surveillance
fish passage, fish ladders solutions

Topic F: The future of Dams in a changing EU Environment

Topic contents:

project financing
economic crisis impact
environmental challenges and restrictions
EU structure alterations and their impact
social political and legal changes / trends (alternative energy sources, privatization etc.) and their impact
socio-cultural challenges
other social issues (environmental groups, stakeholder-engaged decision-making etc.)
the challenge of multipurpose reservoirs
reservoirs for tourism and recreation
impact of reservoirs on landscaping
landscape planning for reservoirs
dam construction on transboundary water bodies – water diplomacy