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Keynote Lectures

Michel de Vivo Opening Address
Jean Jacques Fry Opening Address
George Dounias Opening Address
Giovanni Ruggeri Dam Safety and Risk Management. Social impact and awareness
Paul Marinos Geology? Yes we have considered it
Grethe Holm Midttomme Climate Change Challenges for Dams and Reservoirs in Northern Europe
Alfredo Granados Relations between reservoir storage and yield under climate change scenarios. Analysis of the reservoirs performance in Southern Europe”
Denis Aelbrecht EDF industrial practice on managing dams and reservoirs, for a sustainable and safe future of Hydro assets
Wynfrith Riemer Geological Considerations in the Design of Pressure Tunnels 
Fernando Salazar
Combination of advanced numerical methods and machine learning in dam safety assessment 
Anton Schleiss The importance of hydropower development for the energy transition in Europe