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International Seminar

A two-days Seminar on FLOOD MANAGEMENT, SPILLWAY DESIGN AND PUBLIC SAFETY will be held just before the Symposium, on Monday 30/9/2019 and Tuesday 1/10/2019.

High level international experts will lecture on the following topics:
  • Flood hydrology - State of the art plus extreme events occurrence
  • Design and safety check flood
  • Design bases for safety against floods: spillways, outlets, stilling basin, etc. - recent developments
  • Rehabilitation, upgrading and maintenance of spillways
  • Flood forecasting, dam operation and public safety during floods

The Seminar will conclude with a round table with the participation of selected members of Dam Safety Organizations, aiming at discussing the state of the art of a unified approach to flood management and dam safety. The Seminar will be of great value and should be attended by owners and managers of dams and reservoirs, members of Dam Safety Organizations, scientists that are interested in research on flood management and dam safety and scientists involved in the design, construction and operation of reservoirs.

A separate registration will be required for the Seminar.