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Welcome Address

For the Region of Crete the rational and effective management of the water resources presupposes that the policy that we are planning and the actions that we are implementing, treat water as a valuable resource for our citizens. We treat our water supplies as a regional and national property.

Through the management plans that we have conducted during the past years, we have proceeded with the implementation of water sypply, irrigation and drainage projects, which we anticipate to benefit the environment of many areas of the island and give local communities development tools for employment, especially in terms of sustainability of the primary sector.

Dams are undoubtedly a major challenge in the coming decades and the debate on managing existing ones or launching new ones is an important issue for all the actors of the local government. With this in mind, the "11th Icold European Club Symposium 2" which is to be held in Chania is a very important event for us.

Congratulations to the organizers and all the participants.

Stauros Arnaoutakis

Stauros Arnaoutakis
Regional Governor of Crete