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ICOLD 2019 - 11th ICOLD European Club Symposium 2 - 4 October Crete, Greece

The Symposium Program is now available here

The Greek Committee on Large Dams (GCOLD) would like to invite you to participate in the 11th ICOLD European Club Symposium to be held from the 2nd to 4th of October 2019 on the island of Crete, Greece. The theme of the Symposium is “The future of Dams (in Europe): Prospects and Challenges in a changing Environment”. The Symposium is under the auspices of ICOLD and has the support, among others, of the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure, the Region of Crete and the Organization for the Development of Crete.

The Greek Committee on Large Dams (GCOLD) was formed in 1964 and immediately joined the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD). It became a member of the European Club of ICOLD in 2010 and is actively participating ever since.

Dam construction in Greece followed the country’s development and large projects were constructed in the last 50 years for hydropower, water supply, irrigation and flood protection. A boom in dam construction occurred in the last 20 years. Many dam types were built to adjust to the complicated geological environment, the availability of construction materials and the high seismicity of the region. Dam design and construction is still strong in Greece.

Recently a National Dam Safety Regulation (DSR) was established together with a Dam Management Authority, responsible for overseeing the application of the DSR.

The Symposium will cover a wide range of topics including Advances in Dam Engineering, Dam Safety and Risk Management, Social impact and awareness, Successes and problems in implementing the European Water Framework Directive and relevant Guidelines and Dam and Reservoir Management in the changing European Environment.

The island of Crete, situated between the Aegean and the Libyan Sea, has been a cross road of ancient civilizations. This has left a rich inheritance of ancient monuments and artifacts of unparalleled beauty. Modern Crete, one of the wealthiest parts of Greece, has built a number of large dams for irrigation, water supply, flood protection and hydro power. Having a substantial infrastructure for conferences and a magnificent natural coastal and mountainous environment, it is an ideal place to combine a successful EuroCOLD Symposium with field trips and recreational activities. Crete in early October is warm enough for enjoying the outdoors and the beaches.

We would like to extend the invitation for participation to the members of EuroCOLD as well as to all ICOLD members. We are expecting you all to come to Crete for a fruitful, memorable and enjoyable 11th ICOLD European Club Symposium.

George Dounias

Dr. George Dounias
GCOLD President

The European Symposium, organised every 3 years by the ICOLD European Club since 1993, is an opportunity for professional and young engineers to exchange knowledge and gain specialized training. The 11th European Club Symposium, from 2 to 4 October 2019, will be held in Crete, Greece, an ideal location to combine lectures, technical sessions, technical visits and recreation.

With a low registration fee, our young engineers can come and listen to experienced engineers talk about solutions found to problems faced during dam design, construction or dam operation, in a geological, climatic, cultural and social environment that is theirs: that of Europe.

This year the symposium is preceded by a two days seminar dedicated to considerations for safe flood design and on site flood management. Knowing that floods are the cause of more than half of the accidents recorded on dams, you have a unique opportunity to improve the safety of your facilities and your projects by registering for this training.

This symposium is also an opportunity to meet the stakeholders of the Hydropower-Europe Forum. The Hydropower Europe Forum will meet just before the Symposium providing a focal point for reviewing and developing hydropower in Europe, and subsequently European hydropower in the wider world. Hydropower has all the characteristics to serve as an excellent catalyst for a successful energy transition for a low carbon world. A first feedback of this forum will be returned during the 11th Symposium.

I hope to welcome you in the cradle of our civilization, in the land of the Iliad and the Odyssey in the footsteps of Homer, to continue future technological conquests in the field of water, hydro -electricity and dams for a better, more democratic and more resilient to global warming world.

Welcome to Crete for a very fruitful and enjoyable 11th ICOLD European Club Symposium!

Jean-Jacques Fry

Dr. Jean-Jacques Fry
President of ICOLD European Club